Cop on a Power Trip and an Unfriendly Response


First, I saw a sheriff’s deputy sitting in his car.  So I walked up to him and began talking. (By the way, if you ever talk to an officer about dying, make sure your hands are always visible.) Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Excuse me may I ask you a personal question?
Deputy: Sure.
Me: I know that you have a pretty stressful job.  Do you ever leave the house in the morning wondering if this would be your last day – wondering if you would have the opportunity to return home?
Deputy: Maybe every once and a while, but eventually you learn to not think about it.
Me:  Yeah.  I guess no matter what, the job has to get done.
Deputy.  Yep.  Why do you ask?
Me: Well, I was wondering if one day, it happens to be that day, what would happen to you; where would you spend eternity?

At this, the officer steps out of his car, “bows” up, straightens his belt, and replies, “Catching a big wave.” And continues:

Deputy: Do you do this often?
Me: As much as I can.
Deputy: You know, you ought to be careful.  Deerfield Beach Sherrif’s Office doesn’t take too kind to solicitation.
Me: Well, I’m not soliciting; I’m not going door-to-door.  I just talk to people passing by on the street.
Deputy: Do you have an id?
Me: Actually, my id is still a Tennessee license.  I moved down about a year and a half ago.
Deputy: Well, you need to get Florida License.  You’d better watch yourself.

At this, the officer returns to his car and begins to drive off.

Friends, even Christians still have First Amendment rights – the freedom of speech.  We don’t have to be afraid.  And there was not one thing the officer could do unless I truly was trespassing on someone’s property.  There was no way a solicitation charge would stick.

Second, I walked up to a family in a parking lot and asked them if I could ask them a question.  One young man replied, “Sure.”  I asked, “In your personal opinion what do you think it takes to get to Heaven?”  Another young man replied, “In my personal opinion, I’m not trying to be rude, but you’re interrupting family time.”

These aren’t horrible responses, but the reason I wrote this was to point out that we aren’t always going to have the conversations or responses that we’d like to have.  Its okay.  Just continue to be faithful; that is all Christ has asked us to do.


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