Wow. A little time seems to have passed since I last contributed to this blog. Additionally, a few things have happened since then. Let me see if I can give you the highlights.

Starve Me to Life

As some of you may know, this blog was originally hosted under a website for a ministry I started in 2007, Starve Me to Life. While God transitioned me out of that ministry (see my previous post), I left the website active due to the domain name ( It seemed that the website attracted many visitors searching for terms like “how to starve myself,” “starving to death,” etc. My hope was that some who stumbled upon the site would be encouraged and find their way to Jesus.


In my previous post, I referenced a family. Well, that family has grown from 3 of us to 6 of us, plus a dog and a turtle. Life has been a roller coaster and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon. My family and I are actively engaged with and serving at Waypoint Baptist Church in Cumming, GA. My wife homeschools our four children and leads one of the local homeschool cooperatives.

My greatest ministry is to my wife and kids. My wife has done an amazing job in the day-to-day rearing of our kids. I know it isn’t easy, but she does it so well–with such love and patience. They are blessed; I am blessed. I get to tag along and lead the whole bunch. Such fun!


Started a few businesses; closed a few businesses; and, started a few more. Ultimately, however, I’ve landed at Microsoft for the time being. Working for such a secular company that maintains such different priorities than you is extremely difficult. Light and darkness, while they do coexist, can never mix. There are times that I struggle (sometimes a great deal) to maintain hope and peace as I work in such a depraved environment. As God has allowed me to, however, I’ve used the opportunity to share Christ with others in the tech industry.

While I’m no longer single and have the luxury of hitting the streets whenever I feel like it, and God has placed me in other arenas for ministering to the church, I’m still sharing the Gospel. I’m still talking with random folks about Jesus. It’s still a passion of mine. Additionally, I want to encourage others to do the same. So, here you’ll find all new testimonies of encounters with people from all walks of life.

Finally, in launching, I moved many of the stories here from Starve Me to Life and I redirected its domain. In case you were wondering, perhaps, you now see why there’s a gap of over a decade between posts. However, don’t worry, I will be posting new stories on a regular basis.

Leaving Hobbiton

I love to write; I love to share my heart as much as, if not more than, my knowledge. I have various platforms that cater to my writing content. is one of those platforms that, of course, focuses specifically on evangelism. Another platform is is a blog that is much more personal–not a lot of theology, just a whole bunch of life. Named after the scene of the Hobbits in the Green Dragon as they reflect on their adventure, the blog is meant to encourage and remind me (if not others too) of God’s faithfulness in this wild and crazy thing we call “life.” Like, there has been a lapse in writing, but more is definitely on the way. Hopefully, you can find a few things there that will resonate.

Discipled Church

The biggest change I have to report is the formation of a new ministry Discipled Church. During my time on the streets and since, I’ve witnessed a decline in knowledge within the Church of basic, foundational elements of Scripture. This has always troubled me, and it seems to be only getting worse–much worse.

I’ve started Discipled Church as a ministry for developing and providing Bible study material to churches and missionaries. The mission statement is as follows:

Discipled Church exists to train and equip leaders and laypersons of churches and ministries worldwide with in-depth biblical teaching.

As you can see, my focus is not on pastors and seminarians, but on non-clerical leaders and laypersons of churches. We are in desperate need of solid teaching that equips, trains, and disciples believers as they engage the world. The ministry will provide such training through Bible studies, podcasts, books, and other resources. The website will be launched soon, but join the Facebook group to stay up to date (by the way, will be a component of Discipled Church).


The Extent of Grace

Last week, I was sitting in the foyer of a local church as my oldest daughter attended ballet…


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